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Tutoring in Victoria Area

If my videos are not helpful enough or in-depth enough but you like my style, I am available for private tutoring. I can meet in-home or at a public location such as Victoria College or Victoria County Library.

I have over fifteen years of experience in tutoring different subjects and I have tutored a wide range of students with different learning styles and abilities.  I pride myself most strongly on learning what a particular student’s needs are and then working with their strengths to meet their needs.

I am most strongly qualified to tutor the following subjects:

  • Biology (all levels, all subjects)
  • Math (2nd grade through calculus)
  • Chemistry (through AP chemistry and college  general/organic chemistry)
  • Physics (including AP/college physics and electricity/magnetism)
  • Computer programming (strongest language is Java)
  • English (through introductory college level)
  • Spanish (through introductory college level)
  • History (through  introductory college level)
  • Martial arts (shodan, shotokan karate)

Please contact me at for more information or to set up an appointment!  Thank you!

5 Minute Lesson Videos

The first video here is the most popular of my 5 Minute Lesson videos, about electron configuration and the periodic table. The second video is an introduction to biology. The third is the introduction to physics. All three of these videos are part of a series you can catch on YouTube! Enjoy!

Thanks for watching!

5 Minute Lesson: INTRODUCTION

Announcing the first video of the 5 Minute Lessons channel!  Yes it’s just an introduction, not a lot of “real content,” I’ll get to that soon enough!  Gotta start somewhere, for those of you who aren’t in the know!