Tutoring in Victoria Area

If my videos are not helpful enough or in-depth enough but you like my style, I am available for private tutoring. I can meet in-home or at a public location such as Victoria College or Victoria County Library.

I have over fifteen years of experience in tutoring different subjects and I have tutored a wide range of students with different learning styles and abilities.  I pride myself most strongly on learning what a particular student’s needs are and then working with their strengths to meet their needs.

I am most strongly qualified to tutor the following subjects:

  • Biology (all levels, all subjects)
  • Math (2nd grade through calculus)
  • Chemistry (through AP chemistry and college  general/organic chemistry)
  • Physics (including AP/college physics and electricity/magnetism)
  • Computer programming (strongest language is Java)
  • English (through introductory college level)
  • Spanish (through introductory college level)
  • History (through  introductory college level)
  • Martial arts (shodan, shotokan karate)

Please contact me at tutor@prionspace.net for more information or to set up an appointment!  Thank you!