About This Website

This website is a central hub for the 5 Minute Lessons and associated videos!  The video series is still in its infancy, but they will fall into essentially three categories:

  • 5 Minute Lessons: New content, delivered via lectures, imagery and Alejandro Enriquez’s cheerful face!
  • Followup: A response video answering further questions, clarifying anything that may have been unclear, and generally expanding on the 5 Minute Lesson it is associated with.
  • Problems: Problems and their solutions based on the material in a given 5 Minute Lesson, solved right in front of you!  Will use pdf handouts so you can attempt them yourself!

The 5 Minute Lessons are designed to teach concepts and skills that will be useful in a classroom setting.  The goal is to demystify the process of learning and make it easier for viewers to tackle further class material on their own.

Contrary to popular expectations, I do not anticipate I will be making very many videos that are primarily for entertainment.  While science is to me deeply entertaining and gratifying, I don’t believe I will be able to compete with channels such as AsapSCIENCE that do a better job than I ever could of finding the appeal of science for someone who has no vested outside interest in learning new material.  Hats off to them!

Thank you for reading!  See you on the flip side…