About Me

This is the tutoring page for me, and I am Alejandro Enriquez.  I enjoy combining my different interests, which is how you see me discussing martial arts with a biomechanical perspective, or drawing animals, or reading academic books about Ninjas (okay that last one’s not really a very good example).

This is combining two of my interests, video production and science teaching, to try and make some videos that help explain school concepts in approachable ways that will help you the student learn something.  It will be fun!  Probably.

I am happy you are reading this, because it means you got this far on a website I made!  I love hearing feedback so feel free to email me or leave some youtube comments or whatever your preference.  Show me you care! (If you do)

I am also available for private and online tutoring and for sponsored video content.  Hit me up at tutor@prionspace.net if you’re interested.

Thanks to you, dear reader, and see you around!